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Cavco Sucks. Palm Harbor Homes is an American manufacturer and marketer of factory-built homes. Palm Harbor Homes is one of the nation's largest builders of manufactured homes and modular homes. The company markets nationwide through vertically integrated operations, encompassing manufactured and modular housing, finance, and insurance. Palm Harbor markets its homes through 87 company-owned model centers, 12 building centers, and approximately 275 independent dealers, builders, and developers in 27 states. Based in Addison, Texas, a North Dallas suburb.

A former employee from Lafayette, TN wrote a review for INDEED about Cavco and says it is an awful place to work, unless you are ‘born’ into management you will never succeed with the ‘good ole boy system’ The place is filthy and cleaned irregularly. Management only cares about their enormous quarterly bonuses, which are larger if the people in their department are paid less. The ever-present sign at the road for hiring promises $17 and $20 per hour......not even close unless you are a supervisor or management. The pace is atrocious, and there is never a moment where someone isn't screaming about a line roll either in your ear or on the god awful radio. The harassment, drug use, alcohol use on-premise, violence; and infidelity are absolutely shocking! You will be lied to about your pay, breaks, lunch, time off, bonuses, advancement....etc no matter if you work the floor or in the office. The worst mistake you could ever make is working here! Turn over is absolutely astounding!


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Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks and are very racist job i left after a few weeks couldn't take the favortism any longer. U cant work more then 40 hours sum times not even 40 hours.Its a waste they need to shut it down."

Lead/worker (Former Employee) says

"they hire everyone there turnover rate is the highest iv ever seen .get the job untill anything else is available all they want is for you to is produce produce produce they dont care about quality"

Exterior Finisher (Former Employee) says

"prep/ paint all exterior finishes of modular homes to include trim and doors. performed quality assurance inspection to detect any defect in exterior of homes."

Accounting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Super cheap towards employee investment, no sick plan until legally forced to offer one. Horrible management! culture is very down and departments are silo as there is no collaboration here.NoneNo Sick Time Allowed, Old falling apart office building"

WELDER (Former Employee) says

"The pay there is horrible. I came in welding and still got the same pay as everyone else. Which as we all know isn’t right. Very unsafe place, with a not so safe environment. Nothing good is to come of working here. You don’t learn anything. It is a workplace full of slackers that will eventually get people hurt."

Line Assembler (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for I left after 2 days. They cant even provide proper water for their workers and working in Arizona that's a huge no no. They want you to bust your but non stop and only give one 15 min break and one 25 min lunch and you never know what time you get out its whenever they see fit. They make you pay for the drug test lmao that was a first for me, and it says a lot about how they do things. The restrooms are absolutely disgusting and they make you take a debit card with a bunch of fees as a way of receiving your pay. I have many other things to say but I think you get the picture."

Paint/finisher (Former Employee) says

"The overtime is mandatory at 15 plus hours a week or it will cost you your job! Extremely stressful fast pace always asking for more at the cost of ur bonus here witch is why they allegedly pay u so low! No balance between life and work at all it's all WORK here."

Painter/Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Secure d enough work for a part time position, great personnel was friendly and helpfulone person was expected to perform as that of three men"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Sound like we got a good plant manager but we have a very unprofessional pushers because they not even closed to b call supervisor especially the superintendent They offer benefits but they have no clue what to do for the employees to get there benefits No matching on the 401kMonday's thru Friday, day shiftVery incompetent managment, no leadership, no professionalism, they push people to do unsafe acts, very immoral, a lot of yelling and bad language, no respect, no matching on u 401k no help with benefits from human resources, real bad superintendent and they push people to the edge of violence"

Security Guard (Former Employee) says

"While working for this company I witnessed many situations where employees simply walked off of the job due to conflict with their supervisors. Being a quota and metric based business, many supervisors resorted to coercive and bullying behaviors in order to meet their quota. Having a Master's Degree in Human Resource Studies, I found this to be appalling, to say the least. The employee workforce was a great group of people. Most were kind and thoughtful. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the oppressive heat. At times I would be in 118 to 120 degrees. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to know the employees each day.Employees were good-spirited, Some supervisors and managers were excellent, positive motivatorsHR laked response time on critical issues, Some supervisors leveraged coercion and even bullying to meet deadlines"

Administrative Assistant/HR Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"overworked and underpaid. Staff was friendly but it was overwhelming."

Cabinet Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Company is not good at recognising good progress made in the course of a year, and acknowledging it. Instead mostly negative moments are focused on. And not to much of chance to move up in the company. And it is not good for someone with any kind of health problems at all, very dirty air condition.consistant respect for their employees and how to effectively improve production."

Finish Carpenter (Former Employee) says

"at the orientation employees were promised all these different benefits and raises after a certain amount of time. you were supposed to get evaluated for a raise after 30 days and another after 60 and another after 90 . I worked there a little over 100 days and was never evaluated for my raise i was always given an excuse when asking about it even though i met quota everyday and was doing multiple jobs at once due to people leaving. in addition i worked at least 9 hours a day sometimes 10 , 6 days a week and i was never given my time and a half ."

Forklift Driver (Former Employee) says

"They say your hours will be 7:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m. but keep you there until 6:00 p.m. They also will mandate you to work some Saturdays. If you miss a day of work you lose your bonus.BenefitsShort breaks"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"i havent worked at cavco in a couple of years, but when i did it was an ok place to work. advancement wasn't too easy and pay raises didn't happen often"

ADMIN ASSISTANT (Current Employee) says

"Cavco is a good fit for the right people. My immediate boss is a very good person to work for. A typical day for me is Administrative duties. I have learned a great deal of duties and responsibilities"

Construction Worker (Former Employee) says

"Not my favorite job experience by far. Was a very fast paced company and they expected things done in accordance with their hopes which never quite seemed possible. No amount of effort ever seemed to be enough and this was a mutual experience amongst employees."

Assembler/Production (Current Employee) says

"learned how to manage or supervise workers and be in charge of the department. enjoyed working around my coworkers but some days the hours were very long for the work that I was performing.given opportunity to advance and take charge of the department.could be very stressful at times."

Forklift Operator/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work fast pace just pay was too short three forklift drivers receive over 3000 parts Supply 130 to 150 people with supplies for the day clean up area dump trashNoneShort breaks"

Side hanging, construction (Former Employee) says

"Fast paste work, most days would get stressful due to lack of employees and work must be finished, I liked the work environment just needed more help in certain areasMultiple breaksShort employees"

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